Biometrics App Development

Eliminate the risk of identity scams with biometrics software development


Biometrics app development is progressively shaping up to be one of the most business-critical and indispensable solutions for enterprises looking forward to eliminate the increasing risk of identity fraud.

QSS Technosoft is a leading provider of one-stop software products and applications for biometrics and identity management to businesses across different industry verticals. We strive to work in close cooperation with our clients to deliver state-of-the-art biometrics application development services.

Biometrics App Development

Our market-driven biometrics software development services

Being a leading software development company, QSS Technosoft strives to help businesses with the development of biometric fingerprint software and time attendance tracking applications to reduce the risk of hacking and unanticipated intrusion. Our range of biometric software development services are:

Biometrics App Development
Biometric Identification
We help businesses to develop highly scalable and reliable software solutions for comprehensive biometric identification and de-duplication with the effective implementation of fingerprint, face, and iris recognition. It will also help you generate biometric performance reports and other high-performance algorithms from third-party service providers.
Biometrics App Development
Mobile Biometric Substantiation
At QSS Technosoft, we can help you with the development of mobile biometric substantiation solution encompassing biometric match and fraud detection data with the effective use of face and voice recognition feature. It can be used for identity check as part of a mobile application with cutting-edge security authorizations that validate driver’s licenses and passports, and spoof-resilient biometric facial identification between the live and printed pictures.
Biometrics App Development
Web Browser-based Biometric Solutions
With our web browser-based biometric registration and information management software, you can seamlessly record biographic information, fingerprints and clear face images in a browser.
Biometrics App Development
SDKs-based Biometric Identification
Our high-quality SDKs-based biometric software can be seamlessly configured for streamlining an existing system for an application, database, computing platform, and operative setting.
Biometrics App Development
Cloud-based Biometrics Identification
With our cloud-based biometric APIs and bespoke solution, you can leverage the benefits of the biometric face and fingerprint image verification, matching, and registration functionality to improve your identity systems.

Why Should You Choose Biometrics Software Development Solutions for Your Upcoming Project Development?

QSS Technosoft can help you garner the benefits of next-generation biometric software solutions.

Biometrics App Development
Identity Verification
Leverage a government-allocated ID and selfie images to verify the identification of the individuals.
Biometrics App Development
Integrated Anti-Spoofing Protection
You can chase off the tricksters and defend against spoofing frequencies with Face live Detection software application.
Biometrics App Development
Cross-Platform Portability
Enables your users to enroll, just with a click of a button while using a webcam and verify the identity later from a new device.
Biometrics App Development
Stronger than Passwords, KBA, and SMS-Based Multi-factor Authentication
Biometric-based face algorithms deliver reliable verification techniques as compared to passwords, multi-factor authentication, and other security codes.
Biometrics App Development
Optimized User Experience
Generate a highly intuitive and user-friendly experience on multiple channels while integrating an additional layer of security.
Biometrics App Development
Multichannel Authentication
QSS Technosoft authentication software supports both native iOS and Android mobile platforms and web applications.
Biometrics App Development
Lightning Fast Authentication
Expedite the authentication process and provide a conclusive match/no match results in a fraction of a second.
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