Blockchain Game Development

A responsive web solution that offers decentralized gaming solutions through DApps and in exchange for cryptocurrency. A program that runs the game using the Ethereum Blockchain network enabling seamless and real-time communication between organizations.

This cross-platform app unveils the true potentials of in-game blockchain technology.

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Process Followed

For developing a decentralized gaming solution, we followed a dynamic process that involved defining problems, the practicality of a proposed project, considering the solutions that can be implemented. Taking all these factors into account, we then listed out the challenges we faced while developing the application and how we surmounted the obstacles in the end result.


Problem Identification

Games have evolved as one of the favorite leisure times over the years. However, the growing flow of online games requires a trail where electronic athletes can spend cryptocurrencies on in-game purchases. We aimed to develop a complete online gaming solution that supports gameplay that includes crypto transactions.

  • Implementing a mechanism of blockchain in online games.
  • To propose virtual transaction in-game experience.
  • Provide security from scammers and prevent online frauds.
  • To develop a solution that runs games using Blockchain network- Ethereum.

Feasibility Study

Ethereum has been a global decentralized platform for different applications and business requirements demanding a gaming solution managing blockchain Ethereum. Also, high security and powerful performance are much-needed requirements to develop such web applications.

  • Building a wallet for a secured and seamless transaction
  • Offering the best crypto-based gaming platform to users
  • Allowing players to earn crypto coins by playing games
  • No separate centralized DB server to store users credentials


User research

We shared the idea of developing a web application that runs games using a blockchain network allowing in-game purchases through Ethereum crypto as well. After rounds of conversations with players and game developers, we found the areas of implementation would be - Firstly, to develop a highly secured application that allows a safe purchase and; Secondly, to ensure that the users keep receiving real-time blockchain transactions updates.

Product discovery workshop

For developing a solution that works as a collaborative source for gamers as well as other distributed apps, we carried out a market survey for gamers and developers to get an impression of what modern generation demands in an application that allows in-game cryptocurrency transactions.

After sharing a brief idea about the Blockchain network-enabled application, we introduced a knowledge sharing session for members where we explained the viewpoint of web application and how purchasing in-game achievements using virtual currencies would enhance their overall experience in online gaming. We also educated them on how the implemented mechanism of blockchain in-game transactions prevents online frauds.

Competitor Analysis

The blockchain-based gaming industry has grown rapidly over the years. This speedy progress makes the market competitive as many industries have come up with an idea of providing blockchain network-enabled gaming solutions. After thorough market research and studying different game developers, we decided to implement a robust strategy that provides true gaming experience to users through DApps and crypto transactions.

The Challenges

Developing all in one solution as per the client’s demand was a bit complicated. We had to build an application that equally serves gamers as well as developers. Significant challenges faced while developing the solution are -

  • Using the blockchain technique to compensate for in-game achievements
  • Clarity and Accuracy in a working system
  • Providing robust strategies and methodologies for gamers to get the maximum benefits
  • Pre-defined solutions for multiple purposes such as payments, storage, cloud computing
  • Ensuring secure and transparent online transactions
  • Making automated system to control frauds
  • Developing a platform for performance and load management

Final Outcome

After cataloging the challenges, we created a cross-platform web mobility application keeping support and platform guide in mind. We also paid attention to crypto payment gateway integration in the developed solution. Major features of the application are -

  • Provided users with DApps gaming solutions over the Blockchain Ethereum network
  • High performing decentralized 2D Gaming apps
  • Developed games using HTML5/JS tech stack
  • Allowing users a secured and managed crypto-based transactions
  • Protected wallet development to securely store cryptocurrencies
Information Architecture
Technology Stack














This app is great, I played the game and loved it. It lets me earn cryptos as each time I make progress in the game. One of the best things I liked about the application is I can spend the earned cryptos on in-game achievements purchase. Never experienced any crashes and bugs so far.

Anonymous CEO
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