Cloud Services

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cloud services

We, at QSS Technosoft, can help you capitalize on agility, flexibility, and efficiency of AWS (Amazon), GCP (Google) and Azure cloud services to gain a competitive edge, while seamlessly managing increased IT infrastructural intricacies. As securely integrated infrastructures are swapped by managed provisions in private, public or hybrid clouds environments, workloads can be easily migrated, improved and reinforced for cloud-based application development and deployment to help you stay competitive.

AWS (Amazon), GCP (Google) and Azure cloud platforms support the complete service essentials to deploy developed applications, managing database, virtualization and architecture solutions like load balancing, file storage, security, application scalability, straightforwardly and consistently. You no longer have to deal with the complications involved with the deployment and maintenance of application architectures and let your developers concentrate more on business solutions in place of the technical reinforcements.

Cloud Services

Cloud services – Automatically Managed IT Infra

QSS Technosoft has the expertise to host applications on AWS (Amazon), GCP (Google) and Azure cloud application development and deployment services saving cost in post deployment operations. Our scope of cloud application deployment services mainly include:

Cloud Services
Cloud Application Development
We strive to build robust and scalable cloud applications to ensure your project makes a flying start with the implementation of potent and highly-secured back-end languages, including Azure, AWS, Python, ASP.NET Core, PHP, web and mobile application development, analytics, APIs, and other cloud computing services.
Cloud Services
Amazon, Google and Azure Cloud Deployment
Planning and customized designing are critical to harnessing the benefits of the AWS (Amazon), GCP (Google) and Azure cloud based application development. With vast experience in software development, our consultants work in cooperation with your stakeholders to strategize and implement deployment of best-practice business cloud solutions.
Cloud Services
Cloud Migration Services
Using our proven AWS (Amazon), GCP (Google) and Azure cloud migration methodology, we can help you migrate your cloud apps without any headache between different cloud providers or simply get a multiple-provider infrastructure configured as per your application requirements to experience improved data and application accessibility.
Cloud Services
Support & Maintenance
You can stay rest assured when it comes to maintenance of your cloud application as our seasoned team of experts will help you optimize your prevailing networks or design, as well as, customize new environments to meet your changing business requirements. We strive to support public, private, and hybrid clouds, as well as, on premise infrastructures.
Cloud Services
Cloud Application Testing
We conduct comprehensive test after the completion of cloud application development services that primarily includes functionality testing, thorough code reviewing, load testing, and much more.
Cloud Services
Cloud Security
We integrate enterprise-grade security solutions to shield your cloud applications from unexpected threats.

How our cloud application development services can benefit your business?

With our AWS (Amazon), GCP (Google) and Azure cloud services, we aim to help our clients gain business agility and efficiency to thrive in this era of digital transformation.

Cloud Services
Improved Performance
Speed up integration and scaling with Amazon, Google and Microsoft latest improvements that decrease the probabilities of latency for all systems to a great extent.
Cloud Services
Speedy Development
Build custom-made business applications using pioneering AI and IoT solutions, with enterprise-grade security provisions.
Cloud Services
Custom-made Cloud
AWS (Amazon), GCP (Google) and Azure cloud services deliver a fully scalable IT system that can be seamlessly integrated with your system in accordance to your requirements.
Cloud Services
Connected Systems
Incorporate your on-premise systems with the trailblazing cloud technology for a more streamlined business.
Cloud Services
Guaranteed Uptime
Our AWS (Amazon), GCP (Google) and Microsoft Azure services come with a guaranteed uptime of over 99 percent.

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