Training Industry has been conducting research on the corporate training market for over a decade, analyzing the capabilities that set leading training companies apart in the market. This research provides us with a better understanding of the companies and product offerings across the different segments of the market, which enables us to connect training buyers with the right training partner.

Prepared annually by Training Industry, this graphic shows the key companies in each major sector of corporate learning and development. This information is developed based on data analysis behind the Training Industry Top Training Companies lists (Top 20 and Watch Lists) as well as our own proprietary industry research.

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What are the segments of the corporate training landscape?

The Corporate Training Landscape Map is made up of 16 unique market segments that together represent the entire landscape of corporate training. Below, we have outlined the offerings of each segment:

Comprehensive Outsourcing Partners/Integrators 

A suite of solutions that fall into several segments of the landscape map.

Learning Technologies

Software tools, applications, systems or platforms used for the purpose of administering, authoring and delivering learning, along with tools used for learning through social collaboration. There are four technology categories, or market segments, these providers may fall under: administration, authoring, delivery and social collaboration.

  • Online Learning Libraries — on-demand content solutions that cover a range of subject areas or topics and offer advanced features and capabilities.
  • Simulation, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality — technologies that allow learners to gain knowledge and skills through hands-on experience using supportive immersive technology solutions.
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS, LCMS, LXP) — technology solutions that allow the management of employee learning through a variety of administrative features for publishing, authoring and administering training, and use features that facilitate ease-of-access to training programs and content.
  • Training Delivery — highly scalable cloud-based systems delivered under a hosted software as a service (SaaS) model.
  • Authoring Tools (Audio, Video, eLearning) — software and applications that facilitate the development of eLearning with functions that support creating, editing, reviewing, testing and configuring eLearning.

Learning Services

Outsourced management of training activities and/or processes. These services can include content development, learning administration, learning delivery, vendor management, measurement and analytics, learning strategy and learning technology.

  • University to Corporate — corporate training programs in higher education.
  • Custom Content & Program Development — custom instructional course design and development for external use. It encapsulates the creation of learning programs from initial design to the finished product.
  • Assessment & Evaluation — a variety of measurement solutions that include tools and frameworks to evaluate training effectiveness and other outcomes before, during or after a training engagement.
  • Translation Services — translate existing courses or test content into another language.

Topical Focus Areas

Courses and training programs covering a variety of topics and subjects such as customer service, sales, and leadership.

  • Workforce Development — content, technology and services designed to effectively train employees at all levels of an organization.
  • Customer Service — training courses and programs that focus on customer relations and satisfaction. These programs are designed to improve employee communication skills to the client to ensure customer success.
  • Sales Training & Enablement — programs designed to improve a salesperson’s ability to sell as well as a sale manager’s ability to coach and drive performance.
  • IT & Technical Training — courses on a range of technology topics, including applications such as network administration, programming or vendor training.
  • Leadership Training — a breadth of leadership development programs that serve the learning needs of leaders. These solutions can take the form of courses or coaching, whether based on a proprietary framework, custom solutions or off-the-shelf content.
  • Compliance (Health & Safety) — training courses and programs that focus on occupational health and safety; Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) training; employee wellness; education on laws, regulations and policies and more.
  • Language Training — language learning courses and programs focused on understanding the translation, vocabulary and grammar of the language .

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