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Golang is a highly scalable and synchronized programming language that manages complex tasks as effortlessly as with trivial ones. Whether you are a Start-up Company or a multinational enterprise, you can make use of the Golang programming language for well-structured storage, distributed or grid computing, enormous database formation, web-based music players, online games, and so on.

Being a reputed Golang web development company, QSS Technosoft can help you develop best-in-class enterprise apps irrespective of your business size. We also help businesses of all sizes across a wide spectrum of industry verticals with the use of Google GO language in developing APIs for mobile and web-based projects by deploying our highly experienced Golang developers.

Golang Development Company

Our market-driven Golang development services

QSS Technosoft is counted as a trusted Golang web development company in India. With our domain expertise in Golang programming language, we can help your business leverage the benefits of this next-generation programming language to stay on top of your game. Here is a wide array of services that we cover:

Golang Development Company
Golang AI/ML App Development
Our Golang app developers have got years of experience in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. They can now use Golang programming language to implement configurable services for passing parameters, received in services requests, to AI/machine learning mechanism and then return users with the desired response.
Golang Development Company
Synchronized Apps Development
We can help you with the development of synchronized apps and make multi-threading unbelievably simple for you. This is possible because of the inbuilt concurrency feature of Golang, which can be achieved with implementing Goroutines and channels. This makes application implementation synchronized and avoid locking.
Golang Development Company
Multifaceted Cloud App Development
Using Google’s Go programming language, we can develop solutions to be hosted on the cloud. Go is powerful in writing code for cloud portability for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions by using Go Cloud, which consists of general cloud APIs as open source.
Golang Development Company
Golang Web App Development
Our dedicated Golang developers can build next-generation enterprise-grade web applications for growth-chasing businesses. We rely upon doing scalable APIs led integration implementation for its capability of being concurrent, object-oriented, etc.
Golang Development Company
Golang Support and Maintenance
As per the growing demand, it is quite significant to maintain your Golang web applications from time to time. At QSS Technosoft, our qualified tech support team will be there at your disposal round the clock to provide you continuous support for your business-critical applications.

Why Should You Choose Golang development services for Your Upcoming Project?

QSS Technosoft endeavors to help enterprises across the globe to gain business agility by leveraging the given below benefits of the Golang programming language.

Golang Development Company
Simple to compile programming language
Go programming language is a statically typed language. This authenticates the types say for a variable or object at compile time to contains the error than checking the same at run time. The simple language syntax makes the compilation time faster. Go compilation also fits well within the system’s native environment, instead of using a specific environment like JVM in case of java.
Golang Development Company
Object-Oriented Capabilities
Go uses the concept of struts and interfaces to pacify one of the OOPs paradigm, known as inheritance, though it doesn’t have any class/object like hierarchy. It also supports encapsulation at the package level as well as polymorphism through its way of interfacing. But, it is not at all, follow the object-oriented paradigm as likes of Java and C++.
Golang Development Company
Golang is concurrent
The use of Goroutines and channels while writing code in Go, make it a powerful concurrent language, which in turn, provides it the capability of a true multi-threaded language. Needless to mention, this inbuilt concurrency increases the performance of the application while implementing server-side solutions using Golang.
Golang Development Company
Concept of Pointers
Golang supports the concept of pointers to know the memory address of a variable and then to perform a certain operation using pointers. But it doesn’t support any arithmetic operations using pointers like C/C++ to increment or decrement memory address of the variable. This empowers Go in memory management.
Golang Development Company
Simple, consistent and Cross-check Error
Golang has very simple syntax and norms to write code as a programming language. This provides developers with a quick learning curve. As, Golang is statically typed language, hence any error due to whatever be the reasons like type or constraints, gets verified at the time of compilation only.

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