React Native App Development

Build highly interactive cross-platform mobile apps at a lightning-fast speed using React Native

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React Native is a framework that was introduced by Facebook to reinforce and enhance their mobile apps’ development. It has gained a new height of popularity not only among the start-up companies but also the big players in the industry are using and vouching for it. Some of the most popular apps that are presently making use of the React Native are Instagram, Bloomberg, Skype, Facebook Messenger, SoundCloud Pulse, Uber, and Salesforce, to name a few.

React Native makes mobile apps development workflow more resilient, be it live reloading or hot reloading, which in turn, empowers the developer to perform the most sought after modifications to the source code of the app without necessitating recomposing of it. It is lightning-fast and considerably expedites the overall software development process. Apps can be integrated more rapidly on both Android and iOS without compromising in performance or UX.

React Native App Development

Mobile application development features using React Native

  • Streamlined Cross-Platform Mobile App Development: React native allows seamless sharing of codebase between the iOS and Android versions of the app which enables easy deployment on both platforms without abandoning the prospective customers in the dust. The code reusability results in considerable lowering of efforts and respective cost.
  • Use of Required Native Mobile App Features: When it is required to implement some native features for a mobile platform for specific requirements, the native code could be well integrated in React Native code. This way, React Native allowed native libraries to get integrated in its code along with its own set of libraries.
  • Extensive community makes React native development a five-finger exercise: In the present day, the React Native community makes a plethora of tried-and-tested libraries available, thus accelerating the development process and eliminating technical hitches.
React Native App Development

Our scope of React Native app development services

At QSS Technosoft, we can help you leverage the potentials of the modern JavaScript framework by revolutionizing a conceptual app idea into a reality while improving the app with robust features and interactive interface. Our scope of native app development services mainly includes:

React Native App Development
Unwavering React Native Development
We offer one-stop React Native apps development solutions from prototyping, designing solution architecture and UI/UX designing and development to seamless integration with backend APIs or third-party APIs integration.
React Native App Development
App Store Submission
We expertise in deploying of apps to respective stores with a clean process of first deploying apps to Google Beta (Android) and Test Flight (iOS) for customers to test apps in staging environment. Then, we deploy apps on stores for end users availability.
React Native App Development
Cutting-edge Apps Attributes
We aim to offer you function-rich mobile apps with a user interface, cutting-edge features, and development with expertise including latest trends. One of such trivial example is to use library for Hamburger Menu, instead using an image.
React Native App Development
Avant-Garde Security & Scalability
We set the seal on maximum scalability and protection factors of the site by implementing revolutionary security practices like high-security plug-ins, data encryption, protected admin dashboard and much more.
React Native App Development
Blazing Fast Performance & Speed
Our highly optimized mobile apps deliver incredibly blazing fast user experiences and take minimum loading time, which in turn, will increase your conversion rates and aid in customer acquisition.
React Native App Development
Comprehensive Software Protection Plan
Our experts are available round the clock to assist you with getting rid of any defect that is creating a problem or resolve any glitch around security parameters.
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