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Simplify your supply chain workflow management, seamlessly track all your vehicles in real-time, improve your communication channels with employees, replace the redundant paperwork with digital forms, and gain easy access to business-critical documents with next-generation logistics management software development solutions.

QSS Technosoft, as a logistics app development company, leverage the cohesive improvements in leading-edge web and mobile app development technology in conjunction with the main features of transportation and logistics to smartly manage complex technical bottlenecks that businesses face in this industry vertical.

Transportation & Logistics App

Our Suite of logistics management software development solutions for the transportation & logistics industry

QSS Technosoft, is a reputed logistics app development company, specializes in designing and development of logistics management software solutions for the business across different industry verticals including manufacturing, procurement, supply chain, wholesale, travel and hospitality, and retail and e-commerce. Here are some of the logistics management software development solutions that we offer to help you improve operational efficiencies and internal processes:

Transportation & Logistics App
Vehicle/Fleet Management
Reduce the risk that comes with vehicle management expenditure, transportation and workforce outlays, and improve productivity with our logistics management software development solutions for the seamless management of rent, insurance rate, customer, and payment methods.
Transportation & Logistics App
Bespoke Dispatch Software
Our extensive experience in logistics management software development, coupled with a passion for profound understanding of leading-edge technologies empower us to deliver computer-assisted dispatch solutions for the development of dispatch routing, mobile field dispatch, and vehicle telematics management web and mobile applications.
Transportation & Logistics App
Seamless Assets Tracking
We can help you build an app for real-time tracking of domestic and ocean shipments on a digital map with GPS enabled features.
Transportation & Logistics App
Traffic Management
Our seasoned developers can help you in the development of one-stop traffic management software for effective management of traffic network, transportation system, and related information.
Transportation & Logistics App
Manage App Schedules
Build highly-responsive applications to manage the employee day-to-day schedules without mixing-up. Being a trusted logistics app development company, we can help you create a customized app that you can use to manage the attendance of drivers and technicians.
Transportation & Logistics App
Maintenance & ongoing support
We provide round the clock SLA based support and maintenance services to ensure you are able to manage your business in a better way and improve your bottom line with highly operational and responsive logistics management applications.
Transportation & Logistics App
Technical Consulting
Our team of qualified consultants and developers are always ready to provide you unwavering technical consultancy in relation to logistics management software development and designing.

Why Choose QSS Technosoft for logistics management software development?

  • Resilient IT: Our app development platform is premeditated to help you develop and deliver progressive apps more rapidly.
  • Cross-platform compatibility apps: Connect your app to any existing platform, system and network seamlessly at your fingertips
  • Highly-interactive UI: Build highly-responsive, intuitive, and native mobile apps to deliver a world-class experience to your customers
  • Business Data Accessibility: Access your business-critical even when on go by linking your applications with different front-end and back-end tools.
  • Highest Security Standards: Keep your confidential business-related data well-shielded with the integration of enterprise-grade firewalls.
Transportation & Logistics App

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