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Improve your user interactions by providing an exceptional experience to them every time they access your business through the web or mobile applications. For this, businesses of all sizes across different industry verticals have to ensure that their online applications are constantly updating.

This could be application performance because of more customer using the apps or any new features required to stay competitive or some new security enhancements required as internet pose different types of security challenges for online applications, every now and then. This drives business to go for continued improvements and upgrading of apps. This requires programmers to carry out the desired tweaks or enhancements, even when an app has been made successfully live in the market.

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance Services – Long Live Apps

QSS offers the following services under the umbrella of support and Maintenance.

  • Exhaustive Web and Mobile App Testing & Support
  • Troubleshooting & Re-building
  • Web and Mobile App Integration and Migration
  • Apps Testing and Bug Fixing
  • Application Improvement and precision
Support & Maintenance

Our scope of web and mobile app support and maintenance services

QSS Technosoft is an industry leader offering incomparable website and mobile apps support services to businesses across the globe. Followings are some web and mobile app support and maintenance solutions:

Support & Maintenance
App Monitoring Services
Deliver beyond expectations customer experience by upholding the overall performance of your business mobile application. Our highly skilled professionals are there to help you with:
  • Performance monitoring
  • Usability & Security evaluation
  • App crashing issue monitoring
  • Source code repository
  • Versioning of app
  • App store management and monitoring
  • OS and Device update assessment
  • App Feedback monitoring
  • 3rd Party Integration update assessment
Support & Maintenance
Mobile App Upgrade Services
Upsurge your business agility by reforming your business adaptability solution on a regular basis with the right use of unfolding mobile technologies. Our highly skilled professionals are there to help you with:
  • Enhance application interfaces and engagements
  • Mobile app functionality optimization
  • Important apprises and add-ons
  • Refactoring denigrated codes
  • Operational assistance
  • Fine-tuning in effect operations
  • The perpetuation of control system reforms and customary operations
Support & Maintenance
Mobile App Improvement Services
With unswerving mobile app improvement solutions, we can help you make cognizant and effective business choices by gaining seamless access to the most critical information concurrently. Our highly skilled professionals are there to help you with:
  • Usability improvement
  • Performance improvement
  • Attribute extension
  • App porting
  • Incremental improvement
  • Script migration and backend server amendment
Support & Maintenance
Support Services
We leave no stone unturned to timely address all your apprehensions or misinterpretations by delivering end-to-end customer care support services. Our highly skilled professionals are there to help you with:
  • Timely addressing customer inquiries
  • Seamless integration of enterprise-grade systems
  • Seamless deployment of mobile apps on App stores

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