Want to Write for Training Industry?

We welcome contributions from learning leaders. Your article submissions help Training Industry reflect what’s trending in training and help us keep our community up to date with the latest information. We publish in two ways: (1) in Training Industry Magazine and (2) articles on our website.

Training Industry Magazine

Training Industry Magazine is our award-winning quarterly publication that connects learning and development professionals with the resources and solutions needed to more effectively manage the business of learning. The editorial calendar for Training Industry Magazine is created annually based on proposals we receive during our open submissions period. Articles must be received by July of each year to be considered for the next year’s calendar.

We are currently accepting article proposals for the 2024 Editorial Calendar. Submit your magazine proposal here.

Website Articles

We accept submissions for TrainingIndustry.com all year on topics relevant to training professionals. Articles should focus on sharing thought leadership, ideas, inspiration and how-tos and must contribute knowledge or insights valuable to training professionals. As a result, they should not be commercial or promotional and should not reference products, services or solutions. We also do not publish articles that speak negatively about others, including competitive companies, or about other company or industry processes or practices.

We regularly publish content on a variety of topics and also have monthly themes. We are currently recruiting content for the following topic areas:

  • June 2023: L&D’s Role in the Employee Experience
  • July 2023: Measuring Training Outcomes and Impact
  • August 2023: Training Delivery
  • September 2023: Skills Mapping
  • October 2023: Digital Fluency in the Workplace
  • November 2023: Learning Technologies
  • December 2023: Making Learning Stick



Training Industry Author Guidelines

These policies and author guidelines should help make the process faster and more efficient for you.

  • Articles must be original and previously unpublished.
  • Articles are subject to editing from Training Industry editors. No substantial edits are made without approval.
  • Articles should focus on sharing thought leadership, ideas, inspirations, how-tos and other content of concrete value to training professionals. Case study information works best to illustrate an article’s points rather than as standalone content. Articles should in no way speak negatively about competitors or other company/industry processes or practices.
  • You’re welcome to share ideas for initial approval or submit final articles for editorial review.
  • Articles have no firm word count. Keeping in mind the attention spans of online readers, 700-1,000 words is a good target size, but shorter or longer articles are still considered.
  • All articles must be non-commercial, with no references to company products, services or solutions.
  • The author’s company may be named in the bio at the end of the article, with a hyperlink included. Bios should be limited to two sentences.
  • Please avoid any first-person references (“I,” “We,” etc.) in articles.
  • Non-copyrighted art, tables and graphics may be submitted and will be used as space allows.
  • Articles should be submitted in Word format.
  • Properly cite all sources, including hyperlinks when available. Hyperlinked content must be freely available and ungated.
  • Authors may not republish the article without prior permission from Training Industry.
  • Authors must sign the Training Industry author agreement. Authors are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all information and must confirm that articles are not subject to existing copyright or restrictions.

How To Submit

You may submit website articles for review here or contact a member of our editorial team. Editors review and publish content based on topic area. Contact the editor associated with your topic of interest.

Topic Areas Editor
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Leadership Training
Learning Technologies
Professional Development
Sarah Gallo
Senior Editor
Compliance Training
Measurement and Analytics
Performance Management
Workforce Development
Danielle Murdaugh
Associate Editor
Content Development
Outsourcing and Learning Services
Remote Learning
Sales Training
Strategy, Alignment and Planning
Jenny Ayers
Associate Editor
IT and Technical Training
Learning Pathways
Mike Allen

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