25 May 2023
1:00 pm ET

Advancements in technology have allowed companies to support a globally dispersed workforce, with colleagues logging on across borders to the same Zoom call or training session. Thus, the need for learning leaders to train their workforces in cultural competence is more important than ever before. This is on top of the already challenging task of training an international workforce.

As business continues to expand globally, learning leaders must be diligent to provide effective training to employees across different countries and cultures. But to be effective, training must not only arm employees with the skills necessary to do their jobs, but also should improve cross-cultural communication and foster a more inclusive workplace.

This Conversation Series will bring together leaders in learning and development to share their experiences and best practices on training an international workforce. Panelists will discuss their unique challenges and insights on topics such as language barriers, cultural competency, global training trends and time zone challenges. Register today and prepare your questions about how you can deliver and assess training programs for a diverse and global workforce.

Elizabeth Greene
Senior Director, Global Learning and Development at Lam Research
Joe Scarfone
Manager, Global Future Leaders Program at Lenovo
Vidya Krishnan
Chief Learning Officer and Global Head of Learning and Development at Ericsson

Moderated by Sarah Gallo, CPTM, Senior Editor at Training Industry, Inc.

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